What Every Cigarette Smoker Should Know about Vaping

To many people, vaping is simply a trend and an alternative to smoking that’s not that much different and that carries many of the same risks. Many people are misinformed about vaping, though, as various studies and surveys have shown. For those who prefer to smoke conventional tobacco cigarettes, there are some facts about vaping that they should be aware of.

Vaping Is Safer in Every Way

Probably the biggest misconception about vaping is that it is pretty much the same as cigarette smoking- that it carries the same risks and affects users in the same way. Many people assume it may just look different and require different tools for what is essentially the same effect.

This not true at all, as vaping involves vaporization and not combustion, making it quite different from conventional cigarette smoking. That’s why it has become so popular with companies such as http://www.aquavape.co.uk/ putting it on sale. It also contains far less harmful substances, and is considered to be about 2% as harmful to users as cigarette smoking is. That’s a huge difference, and anyone who wants to try to far less risky habit should consider vaping instead of cigarette smoking.

There is also far less risk involved with secondhand vapors than in secondhand smoke. Most people understand that the smoke surrounding a cigarette user is incredibly damaging, but vapors produced by an e-cig user have not been shown to be harmful at all. There is still research going on in regard to the effects of secondhand vapors on those nearby, but so far, no conclusive evidence has been produced to show that it is harmful in any way.

It Provides a Similar Experience

A lot of smokers are hesitant to switch to vaping, even after they have heard about the health benefits such a switch would provide. They are often wary that they won’t enjoy it as much as they do their cigarettes and that they would regret their decision almost immediately.

However, vaping often entails inhaling nicotine, which is all most smokers need to get the same throat hit and pleasure they receive from smoking tobacco cigarettes. The experience is very similar, even down to the way e-cigs are used and the flavors they can produce. Many e-cig manufacturers sell e-liquids that simulate the same flavor and smell of a conventional cigarette, depriving smokers of nothing but a bunch of health risks when they switch over to e-cigs.

They Are Excellent Smoking Cessation Tools

One of the biggest reasons why people choose e-cigs over conventional cigarettes is to transition away from smoking completely. Many people use them as a way to quit smoking, instead of going for patches, gum or something similar. What’s great about using e-cigs this way is that they are very often effective. Most people prefer them over other smoking cessation methods, and they are generally more successful with this method than any other.

You need to know that e-cigs are considered a tool to reduce tobacco harm and not smoking cessation tools, even though many people use them to that end on a regular basis. If you have tried a number of other methods and have not been able to quit yet, then vaping may be the next step for you. You can control how much nicotine you want in your e-liquid, as many manufacturers sell e-liquid with different levels of nicotine. You can pick the strength level you desire and ease off your nicotine use little by little, all while enjoying a very similar experience to smoking provided by e-cigarettes.

There is no guarantee that it will work for you and that you will be able to give up nicotine entirely, but the numbers don’t lie. More people are quitting smoking and nicotine thanks to vaping these days than any other method. Even if a lot of smoking cessation programs won’t endorse it yet, a lot of them are wising up and understanding the value e-cigs represent to those who want to quit smoking.